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Phd dissertation proposal

Phd dissertation proposal

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Check out the schedule to catch the screening nearest you. Stay tuned for updates on how to organize a screening at your University. All content copyright 1997-2016 Piled Higher and Deeper Publishing, LLC. The doctoral program in Expressive Arts combines two Summer School residential trainings at EGS Campus in Saas-Fee, leading to the CAGS Certificate of Advanced Post-Graduate Studies with individualized dissertation research done in the student’s home country.

The findings and results of the dissertation research must be presented in the third and fourth year of the program in a special «Ph. Colloquium I and II» at EGS in Saas-Fee unless special permission is given to present the research otherwise. English, but also in German, French or Spanish if suitable doctoral supervisors can be found. The CAGS program is designed as a self-sufficient unit. Qualifying Phase Here the student completes the requirements and writes a Qualifying Paper. If it is accepted, the student can proceed to Doctoral Candidacy.

Candidacy Phase The student establishes their Doctoral Committee and writes their Dissertation with the help of their Senior Advisor. The Doctoral Committee must approve the Dissertation Proposal. When the Dissertation is completed and accepted by the Committee, the Doctoral Examination and Defense will take place. Back to top of the page. One of the research tasks that’s given me a tremendous amount of benefit during my PhD is the writing of a mini-review. I don’t know what else to call what I’m doing. It is usually a 2-3 page articulation of a work’s main thesis, supporting arguments and major points.

After this is complete, a final step in the mini-review is to take the content of 1-2 pages and shrink that down to one paragraph that you place at the top as a summary of the whole review. Of course, creating a mini-review implies that you’ve actually sat down and spent some time in the book or article. Let’s face it, it is often very tempting to superficially skim a work, perhaps combine 2-3 book reviews and think you have an idea of an author’s contribution to your thesis. It doesn’t take great skill to pull this off. It is quite a different matter to really wrestle with an author’s argument and to reflect on how it fits within your overall thesis. One is the ability to summarize an argument the other is the ability to synthesize various works into a cohesive narrative.